Sunday, August 24, 2008


A few weeks ago, Tara and I had the chance to see another team's attempt at a speed record at the annual EAA convention in Oshkosh. On July 30, the Nemises NXT posted a 356 mph run on a 331 mph C1-b record.

We met Jon and Patricia Sharp a couple of years ago and immediately became excited about what they were doing. It seems they have the perfect partnership, she builds what he designs! It is obvious that both have an equal stake.

After the record run was certified, everyone was smiles and there was a reason to pose for the camera.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I wanted to be sure to take a minute and thank those that are helping out in 2008. These are the people that believe in us and we are proud to be associated with them!

We are individuals, not members of any racing extablishment. At Bonneville, we get to stand on the same salt and compete against the best land speed teams. As a small group of freethinking motorcycle racers, we really appreciate the individualism and self-determination shown by the geeks and freaks that drive Cardboard Robot.

Spectro Oils have been in every bike I have owned since my very first bike, an RD250 I got when I was fifteen. They offer a complete line of quality lubricants for motorcycles, snowmobiles and PWC’s. They are also great supporters of motorcycle racing, especially the Speed Trials by Bub.

If you are considering a new Yamaha or Suzuki you can’t go wrong talking to one of the sales guys at Glenn Curtiss Motorsports. Whether it’s a new bike, an oil change on the 3rd of July or changing ice tires on a Saturday morning in February, the whole place is all about putting a grin on your mug!

There are good tattoos and even great ones, but nothing compares to the art that walks out of the Adambomb Gallerie every day. Adam and Lane are simply the very best at what they do!

Scott and Jana at SuperMoto Racer Magazine are printing a magazine the internet will never match, let alone replace. Even if you are a pure, 100% road race or mx fan, you will love the photos and quality of SMR.

Not only does AirTech offer bodywork for most eveything from 1958 to 2008, but they even dress their catalog models in period bikinis. Thanks to Pete, Kent, and everyone for the help.

Street Graphix put together the fantastic banner behind the bike at Rockerbox. They really know how to make your stuff look fast!

When you see a 70’s Japanese motorycle with clubman handlebars flying around Milwaukee, Scott J at Fuel CafĂ© and Tim Schneider at The Shop are directly to blame! They started RockerBox in 2002 and we still remain thankful today.

Mike Harlow, Sr and Quester Racing

Stewart Rouse at Wall Street Automotive

Rick Goldberg and Andy Mauk at Moto-Scoot

Wes Orloff at WFO Racing

Jack Kainz

Joe Stoppleworth

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pictures from Rockerbox 2008

It was great seeing everyone at Rockerbox, especially everybody that stopped by to see the bike. Sorry about being secretive, but the Speed Trials are nearly a month away. If you want to see the 2008 bike you are gonna have to come back to Rockerbox 2009!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008