Saturday, October 11, 2008

W'sFDB !

With an official two way average of 131.431 m.p.h. and a one way best of 132.444 m.p.h., bike #3500 is the AMA 500cc Partially Streamlined Frame / Production Engine National Record Holder and ....

the World's Fastest Dirt Bike!

Kevin's first run was much faster than the old record of 121ish, but it took us the rest of the event to better what the guys from F2 Racing had run early in the week. By Friday, we were within 0.003 m.p.h. of their 130.674 m.p.h. best average.

Pat and Tara would grab the timeslips and I was doing the math in the van on the way to impound. Double check the long division, swear out loud and then send Kevin back to the pits. It was like failing one pop quiz after another in math class.

Just before noon on Saturday, Kevin ran another qualifing down run. The course was shutting down early, prior to the evening's award banquet, but we had one more chance to return for the record.

Pat and I tried to cool off the bike and let everyone else in line run ahead of us. When it was our turn, Kevin took off down the salt. After listening to a week's worth of what we had been sure were record runs, it didn't sound good.

Turns out, Kevin also had his doubts about the run. He really wound out fourth gear and tried to find new ways to get even smaller on the bike.

It worked!

After falling short by a few thousandths, we were now three quarters of a mile an hour faster than the F2 Racing bike's average!

Stewart on the Salt

This is as close as we got to a photo of Stewart on the salt.

Except for a few calls from me trying to describe plug colors, the only reason we were calling was to report speed updates. The motor he built ran flawlessly.

He can fix most anything and makes everything faster, but he really loves the two stroke KX500 motor.

Stewart's Dad, Dave, Arnie, Robert and the rest of the team in Joplin were a huge part of the reason we had as much success this year at Bonneville.

I am proud that he can add the World's Fastest Dirt Bike to his resume!

If you are interested in having the second fastest KX motor in the world or just the meanest trail bike in the neighborhood, give Stewart a call 417.623.1088.

AMA 500cc M/P National Record Bike !

Well, the official math worked out and with a two way average of 123.411 m.p.h. the #1471 bike set the AMA 500cc Modified Frame / Production Engine National Bike Record!

After Kevin beat the MPS record on Saturday, we removed all of the 'streamlining' in front of the rider, adjusted the levers and ran through tech one more time.

After all the work to swap from the full height motocross bike to the lowered and faired MPS bike this was super easy!

We even had time to pose for a few 'sponsor thank you' photos before the sun went down.

Early Sunday morning we rejetted, got the duct tape race numbers on the seat, and even noticed there was a bit of a tailwind for the down run.

The run felt really great and the time slip read 127.718 m.p.h. The return run felt just as good, but the effect of the wind was obvious and the time slip was parked at 119.306 m.p.h.