Monday, February 22, 2010

Indy in February

Well, 2010 has started in the heat of the spotlight. The W’sFDB was the focus of the Spectro Oils booth at the annual Indy Motorsports Dealer Show. The best part was everybody from Milwaukee, as well as the engine team from Joplin, got to attend the show!

The MX bike was an absolute hit and was featured in a little blurb in the daily show program. Everybody that stopped by the booth had a KX5 story to share. The bike even brought dirt bike stories out of John Penton, Malcolm Smith, Danny Eslick and Tom Morgan.

It was a great way to start the year and keep the momentum growing! Stewart made great use of his first ‘vacation’ day since Shep was a pup, Kevin is ready for streamlined bodywork, and Mark can taste 130+ on the MX bike!

An Urban Zebra

With the MX bike on the southern leg of its victory tour, the lowered bike got a chance to run in October…with the old seat, no front fairing and Mark driving. It was supposed to be a great chance to shake out the new Digatron data acquisition system and try running an aftermarket pipe and carb set. It turned out to be sort of a rough weekend.

While we have come to expect rain, two days worth of headwinds were something new and kept our speeds below May’s 125 + record run. We kept at it though and scored enough points for Mark to finish sixth in the ECTA Motorcycle Season Championship. It was the same all weekend. Track, impound, fuel trailer, return to the pre-stage line….do not stop at the pit.

The Digatron worked great. It is really cool to watch the exhaust temp out of the corner of one eye, while following the white line with the other! It also keeps the riders from telling motor stories to Stewart!

The zebra paint scheme started with DoldGuy at He helped out the cause with our fourth KX5 frame and when it came out of the UPS box it was spray bombed white. So we let loose with two more rattle cans and added a few stripes.

Video of the action from the 2009 summer season is on it’s way. Remember…if you can’t catch um, you can’t stop um!

East Coast Paper!

ECTA Certificate for the W'sFDB!

The World's Fastest Proddy Dirt Bike

Here are a couple of photos from the May 2009 event at Maxton, NC. A detailed race report from the weekend can be found at the Two Stroke Motocross webpage.

We are all really stoked that with everyone's help we got a stock MX bike to run down the track at nearly 126 mph with Mark on it's back! We defined stock like Rod Bush did...stock pipe & carb, different gearing and tires.

According to the ECTA, the new world record speed for a stock MX bike is 125.854 mph. This was also fast enough to set an East Coast Speed record for 500cc motorcycles running in the modified frame class burning fuel. The official time slip is thumb tacked over the copy of the original KTM article hanging in the shop.

It always seems to rain at this place and this weekend's air was swampy at best. It made jetting a bit more difficult, but the Spectro Oil pre-mix and VP Fuel held up their end of the 'go' equation. Once again Stewart's engine pulled strong run after run after run.

Believe it or not, Mark was excited enough about the weekend's results to drive 95% of the way home. The time slip was jammed in the dash and the rear view mirror was focused on the Spectro Oils / Cardboard Robot KX500..... the World's Fastest Dirt Bike!