Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stewart on the Salt

This is as close as we got to a photo of Stewart on the salt.

Except for a few calls from me trying to describe plug colors, the only reason we were calling was to report speed updates. The motor he built ran flawlessly.

He can fix most anything and makes everything faster, but he really loves the two stroke KX500 motor.

Stewart's Dad, Dave, Arnie, Robert and the rest of the team in Joplin were a huge part of the reason we had as much success this year at Bonneville.

I am proud that he can add the World's Fastest Dirt Bike to his resume!

If you are interested in having the second fastest KX motor in the world or just the meanest trail bike in the neighborhood, give Stewart a call 417.623.1088.

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k5abuser said...

mark we enjoyed doing what it took to get you there and looking forward to doing what we have to to keep you there. your not fast to your stewart k5 motor fast.