Saturday, October 11, 2008

AMA 500cc M/P National Record Bike !

Well, the official math worked out and with a two way average of 123.411 m.p.h. the #1471 bike set the AMA 500cc Modified Frame / Production Engine National Bike Record!

After Kevin beat the MPS record on Saturday, we removed all of the 'streamlining' in front of the rider, adjusted the levers and ran through tech one more time.

After all the work to swap from the full height motocross bike to the lowered and faired MPS bike this was super easy!

We even had time to pose for a few 'sponsor thank you' photos before the sun went down.

Early Sunday morning we rejetted, got the duct tape race numbers on the seat, and even noticed there was a bit of a tailwind for the down run.

The run felt really great and the time slip read 127.718 m.p.h. The return run felt just as good, but the effect of the wind was obvious and the time slip was parked at 119.306 m.p.h.

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