Monday, February 22, 2010

The World's Fastest Proddy Dirt Bike

Here are a couple of photos from the May 2009 event at Maxton, NC. A detailed race report from the weekend can be found at the Two Stroke Motocross webpage.

We are all really stoked that with everyone's help we got a stock MX bike to run down the track at nearly 126 mph with Mark on it's back! We defined stock like Rod Bush did...stock pipe & carb, different gearing and tires.

According to the ECTA, the new world record speed for a stock MX bike is 125.854 mph. This was also fast enough to set an East Coast Speed record for 500cc motorcycles running in the modified frame class burning fuel. The official time slip is thumb tacked over the copy of the original KTM article hanging in the shop.

It always seems to rain at this place and this weekend's air was swampy at best. It made jetting a bit more difficult, but the Spectro Oil pre-mix and VP Fuel held up their end of the 'go' equation. Once again Stewart's engine pulled strong run after run after run.

Believe it or not, Mark was excited enough about the weekend's results to drive 95% of the way home. The time slip was jammed in the dash and the rear view mirror was focused on the Spectro Oils / Cardboard Robot KX500..... the World's Fastest Dirt Bike!

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